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Equipment can be collected during runs and equipped onto heroes to add various stat bonuses. Rarer equipment can even provide extra abilities. Equipment quality (numerical stat bonuses) degrades after each encounter. The rank (Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary) does not degrade. Abilities granted by equipment cannot be improved by skill books. If the primary weapon is two-handed, a secondary weapon can be equipped but it will be disabled. Primary weapons have double the stats of a secondary when two-handed.

The Blacksmith's Charm (Gold rarity unique) can be equipped to the charm necklace to prevent equipment degradation. All found equipment is temporary, as characters get reset to their appropriate charm necklace initial gear when a new campaign is started. You earn a gold bonus for found equipment at the end of a campaign.

Equipment Slot Ability unlocked at
Primary Uncommon Rank.
Secondary Rare Rank.
Armor Rare Rank.
Accessory Epic Rank.
Trinket Epic Rank.
Necklace Rank Starting bonus
Novice Common Equipment.
Plastic Common Equipment.
Painted Common Equipment.
Bronze Common Equipment.
Silver Common Equipment.
Gold Common Equipment.
Flawed Crystal Common Equipment.
Crystal Common Equipment.
Rough Emerald Uncommon Equipment.
Flawed Emerald Uncommon Equipment.
Emerald Uncommon Equipment.
Rough Sapphire Rare Equipment.
Flawed Sapphire Rare Equipment.
Sapphire Rare Equipment.
Vivid Sapphire Rare Equipment.
Rough Alexandrite Epic Equipment.
Flawed Alexandrite Epic Equipment.
Alexandrite Epic Equipment.
Vivid Alexandrite Epic Equipment.
Superb Alexandrite Epic Equipment.
Rough Diamond Legendary Equipment.
Flawed Diamond Legendary Equipment.
Diamond Legendary Equipment.
Vivid Diamond Legendary Equipment.
Superb Diamond Legendary Equipment.
Perfect Diamond Legendary Equipment.