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Online coop[]

Developers Have confirmed the addition of Online Co-Op, although details of it are unknown. a estimated time frame is 2-3 months[1][2]

Tile Sets[]

Ice Tileset[]

A dev nearly confirmed a future ice tileset[3]

according to them, it will come In time for Christmas.[4]

Free Campaigns[]

Survival Campaign[]

"The next campaign we're creating, which will come free to all owners of the game, is going to be centered around survival."[5]

Improved tooltips[]

Developers have confirmed that they are currently working on improving tooltips.[6]

Improved tutorialization[]

Improved tutorials have been confirmed to be upcoming[6]

Search tip database to become generic compendium/help system, as well as new additions[]

It is currently being worked on.[7]

help search coming to the navigation menu of all creation interfaces.[8][]