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Anon the Internet Troll.png
Class Internet Troll
Class types Damage, control, support
Gender Male
Major strengths Armor Penetration
Strength Mind Power
Minor strength Aim
Major weakness Focus
Weakness Spirit Defense
Minor weakness Mobility

Anon is an Internet Troll hero. He is classified as a damage, control, and support class by the game.


Unlike the other heroes, Anon does not have a description. Instead his backstory text reads as follows: "Streaming exclusively on Mixer. Follow me on Google+. And use my code “KEK2020” for 20% a price hike on Juicero refills."

Play style[]

Of all the heroes, Anon has some of the longest range attacks, letting him attack and irritate enemies from a safe distance far behind other, tankier heroes. However, Anon has an extremely low base AP/turn of 5, and a mobility of 5. This means that Anon isn't going anywhere fast, and the AP cost of Anon's attacks ensure that Anon can't move and attack without taking a turn or two to stock up AP. This means that Anon's starting positioning is key, as that's where he'll ideally be for the battle. Luckily, all of Anon's attacks ignore line of sight, meaning he can comfortably harass enemies without having to worry about obstacles, heroes, and other enemies being in the way. The biggest weakness that Anon has is his reliance on other enemies having a low/unbuffed Resistance stat, which will constrain his ability to inflict statuses on them.

Just Trollin' is arguably Anon's most important ability. Use Just Trollin' to taunt an enemy that can't attack Anon, and that enemy will be incapable of anything but moving. Make sure that the enemy you're taunting doesn't have any long range abilities, or abilities to teleport, fly, or otherwise get around obstacles and heroes, because they will use them to corner Anon.

VPN can reflect some damage back to attackers, but it has limited uses, and Anon is too fragile to tank much damage.

Anon's main damage dealing attack, Flame Post, does a considerable amount of damage, but buffs the enemy's attack. Use it on enemies to finish them off, or on enemies that have been hit with Just Trollin'.

If you get Fake News, you can use it to confuse enemies, causing them to potentially attack other enemies/buff your heroes. Use it on hard hitting enemies to make them eliminate other enemies, or use it on enemies designed to support other enemies to force them to support you instead. Just keep in mind that Fake News also imbues the enemy's attack with confuse, allowing them to potentially confuse anything they attack (the chance of this occurring increases the higher the damage they deal). This can either be great, if they attack an enemy, or bad if they hit a hero with a low resistance to confuse. Confused enemies that can't hit any hero will either do nothing but move or attack enemies, so try to target enemies far behind enemy lines.

DOTCOM is a low-damage DOT ability, but is the only other ability Anon has besides Flame Post that deals damage. Use it on enemies on the brink of death to finish them off, or in conjunction with DOT applied by other heroes.

Hijack Thread is a good way to remove enemy buffs, even if the buffs in question aren't really the best for Anon.

Anon's last ability, Phishing, is more of a last-ditch defensive ability than an offensive one. It has half the range of Anon's other attacks, and takes up the full 5 AP Anon gains per turn. Use it when Anon is being cornered to turn him into a copy of the enemy cornering him. Obviously, the effectiveness of Phishing depends on the enemy in question. Ideally, Phishing will either give Anon the close-quarters attacks necessary to dispatch the enemy, or the defenses necessary to survive the enemy's attacks, if the enemy deals a type of damage it itself is resistant to.


Ability Rank AP Range* AOE Type Effect†
Just Trollin' Master 1 1-10 Single Target.png
Damage Mental.png
Detaunt [1max turn]
Damage Mental.png
97% to taunt [1 turn]
Flame Post Expert 4 1-10 Single Target.png
Damage Mental.png
301 damage
Damage Mental.png
+92 Power [1 turn]
VPN Novice 2 1-8 Single Target.png React: Enemy targets damaging ability at you, target nearest enemy.
Damage Mental.png
Transfer 51% damage [1 turn]
* Underlined ranges mean the attack must be done in a straight line. Italicized ranges mean it ignores line of sight. † All effects and stats are at their base level.


Item Item Type Base Stats Stats by Rank Ability AOE AP Range* Type Effect
Flail O 'Fail

Flail O 'Fail.png

Primary ➕ Mind Power

➖ Focus

Uncommon: Ability gain

Rare: Armor Penetration

Fake News Single Target.png 2 1-10
Damage Mental.png
82% to confuse 2 turns
Damage Mental.png
0.81% confuse per damage 2 turns
Dvorak Keyboard

Dvorak Keyboard.png

Secondary ➕ Aim

➖ Earth Defense

Rare: Ability gain

Legendary Stat: Armor Penetration

DOTcom Single Target.png 3 1-10
Damage Mental.png
740 damage over 5 turns


Armor ➕ Aim

➖ Focus

Rare: Ability gain Hijack Thread Single Target.png 1 1-10 React: Enemy used friendly ability on enemy, target affected.
Damage Mental.png
○ Steal 262 buff potency
QR Code

QR Code.png

Accessory ➕ Mind Power

➖ Focus

Uncommon: Armor Penetration

Epic: Speed

--- --- --- --- ---
Warez CD

Warez CD.png

Trinket ➕ Armor Penetration

➖ Focus

Epic: Ability gain

Legendary: Speed

Phising Single Target.png 5 1-5
Damage Mental.png
Become Elite+66% copy of entity for 1 turn
* Underlined ranges mean the attack must be done in a straight line. Italicized ranges mean it ignores line of sight. † All effects and stats are at their base level.


  • "My K/D ratio doesn't care about age!" - on attacking
  • "Take the L!" - when attacking
  • "Your momma says it's bedtime!" - starting turn
  • "Popup is an easy game." - on victory
  • "I don't sub. I dom." - retaliating with VPN


  • Anon is voiced by Charlie White or penguinz0 on YouTube.